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Apple House #ThankYouSteve

I’m the only geek in my family and consider all the Apple stuff sitting around my house:

  • 1 Original Bondi Blue iMac
  • 1 Mac Mini
  • 1 iPod Classic
  • 2 iPod Shuffles
  • 1 iPod Nano
  • 3 iPod Touches
  • 3 iPhones

Then there’s Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen and Lord knows what else.

Thanks, Steve.


Did u being lunch

Stupid autocorrect


Mental Flotsam: MLB, Steve Spurrier, House, Washington’s General

Mental flotsam for 10/4/2011:

  • I’m keeping my promise not to watch any more baseball this year, but it’s my understanding the Yankee bastards are trailing their series against whoever it is they’re playing.
  • House series premier. Eh, so-so. Dude inexplicably remains a magnet for women doctors who want to love him, pet him and call him George. But it was cool that the prison was sort of reunion of 24 bad guys. I kept wanting Chloe to open up a socket and send something to my screen.

I don’t know when 10 minutes is

Last night, 10:15 PM, an hour past bedtime:

Tim: Did you turn Sophie’s TV off?

Shelly: I forgot. You better go check.

10:16 PM, Turning off the TV, certain that Sophie is asleep:

Sophie: Finally!

Tim: Why are you still awake?

Sophie: It’s mommy’s fault! She didn’t turn my TV off.

Tim: Why didn’t you turn it off yourself?

Sophie: Because I don’t know when 10 minutes is!

500 beers

Texting with Trev: Red Sox Baseball Edition

The new issue of SWAT is in!


Not a dad in the world can resist this

I pretty much need that new Kindle

“It’s a great day in South Carolina”

Lord knows I’m no fan of Nikki Haley. But as someone in the perception business, I don’t see a thing wrong with the governor’s directive that state employees promote their state and show a little friendliness when answering the phone.

(I also don’t know what joker is running The State’s website with the URL mentioning “it’s a great day not to be in prison”

Now I don’t think the majority of state workers come across as grumpy and unhelpful when they answer the phones. I call one particular state agency every day, and they are unfailingly polite even when they don’t know it’s me on the line. But nearly every business in the world does something similar to what the governor is requesting.

There’s a reason some companies go so far as to call their receptionist “Director of First Impressions.” The phone or the front door are pretty much always the first exposure most clients and customers have of a particular place of business. What’s wrong with the state doing the same thing?

Yes, we have bigger fish to fry. We have among the nation’s highest unemployment rate. We need to improve our schools. We have a tax code that’s completely stupid. But sniping at the governor over this is just sniping for its own sake, and that’s precisely why most people – me included – are sick of the political system.

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