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Five Quotes About South Carolina Politics

February 10, 2016

Over the next three weeks, many a lazy reporter is likely to trot out a variation of the James L. Petigru zinger, “South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum.”

Since that dead horse has been beaten to a pulp, here are five more quotes to sharpen your appreciation for the kind of politics we’re in for between now and February 27.

Whisper campaigns, push polls, mudslinging and false attacks are the coin of the realm in the state where the late Lee Atwater spawned a legacy of GOP-operative street hustlers who dominate the political culture. Indeed, political consulting in the Palmetto State might be the only career where a mug shot looks good on a resume.

Cory Hutchins

[T]he state is…a painful symbol of the brutality of American politics.”

Jennifer Steinhauer

I was there to find out about dirty politics, I’d say. Over and over, that provoked pride: “You’ve come to the right place!”

Richard Gooding

Politics in South Carolina has a sad reputation as a blood sport. Our state has been famous for its last-minute dirty tricks, anonymous phone calls, and personal attacks.

Governor Nikki Haley

While I don’t think Pat Conroy was describing only our politics in this one, it’s still right on target:

South Carolina is not a state – it is a cult.


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  1. Glad it comes after New Hampshire. We’d rather not have to clean up this mess.

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