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Posterous has left the building

September 13, 2011


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I’ve used a heck of a lot of platforms for my blogging over the years.


Most of my blogging has been in the political realm. In the early days, Blogger was easy to set up and start wr9ting. When I wanted a little better look and a few more options, I went to Squarespace. When I wanted something easier for mobile blogging, I briefly used Typepad.

A few years ago, I partnered with a couple of other political bloggers and created a blogging community using Soapblox. That was pretty good, but when we reigned back in to focus more on our own writing, we moved everything over to a self-hosted WordPress installation.

Finally, I got out of political blogging altogether and decided to do something a little more personal. That’s when I discovered Posterous.

As it turns out, I haven’t done too much actual blogging on my Posterous site. But it’s been an easy platform to push things out to my social networks, and it’s made it very simple to post photos, especially, on Twitter and Facebook. Posting something is (still) as easy as sending an email (photo, video, text) to a special address.

But sometimes, I want to write something a little more in-depth than I can manage on the iPhone, or I want to include a lot of links, or I just feel like typing on my computer. And Posterous has gone and spoiled that.

Yesterday, the whole damn thing became Posterous Spaces. As far as I can tell, it’s an effort not just to help users push out content to other sites and social networks, but also a bid for building yet another social network all its own.

My familiar interface is gone. It took a lot of looking before I could even get into the settings for what use to be my blog and is now my “space” and find a way to create a post.

Myspace, Windows Live Spaces, now Posterous Spaces.  I figure it’s just a matter of time now until Posterous joins those others and becomes just another dead space.

So now, I’m back at WordPress, this time on the .com as opposed to the .org version. I’ve brought the old Posterous content with me, and I’ll probably bring the domain name with me before to long as well.

So for now, it is. The place is still a work in progress, but have a look around anyway.


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