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I’m a bad stepdad

June 24, 2011

A text message exchange with Jack while he’s at the beach with his dad demonstrates why I am a bad stepfather.

Me: What’s up Jack?

Jack: nothen. im so sad that im going to work on a ramp for the dogs at the beach.

Me: It will be ok buddy.

Jack: no it won’t

Me: Tell dad you want to go sailing

Jack: ok what if he says no

Me: Keep bothering him

Later that morning.

Jack: we r working

Me: I’m at work. Is your dad going to take you to the beach?

Jack: I dont know

Me: Is it hot?

Jack: yes it is

Me: Fall down and act like the heat is making you sick!

Jack: why

Me: So you don’t have to work on the ramp

Jack: ok

Me: Your dad is going to get mad at me

Jack: no he wont

Me: Good

Jack: it worked r yall taking care of my hermitcrab

Me: Yes the crab is good

Jack: your idea worked

Me: awesome


Me: You have to lay down a few minutes and then ask real quiet like.

Jack: OK.

Me: I have to go to a meeting now. Call me later. Love you, buddy.

Jack: ok


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